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Although Chrome is the most reliable web browser out there, it can be very annoying and frustrating at times. Fair enough other browsers like Mozilla, Opera Mini and Microsoft edge have upgraded several times, but they have been unable to overthrow Chrome. It ain’t easy to be number one! The probability that you are using Chrome is very high and must have had infuriating experience with the browser suddenly crashing or just snailing like a tortoise. In other cases, it could be that it is taking 365 days to load a single page. Nobody has time for this delay. So, you definitely want your Chrome to be fast. Innovation Village shares five extensions that can boost the speed of your Chrome browser!

Web Boost 

Whenever a website is loading, there are certain website building blocks it must download. These blocks are used by many popular websites. This can make a webpage slow. But with web boost extension, you can simply store these blocks on your website which automatically means the blocks will not be downloaded on every website you visit. These web extension can make your pages load 3 times faster! It also has extras as it can help you block ads and protect your privacy. This adds to the speed of Chrome!


Better Browser  

This extension is also good  to speed up Chrome. It improves your Chrome loading time by adding some features like auto-scrolling to automatic load page, and floating search panel. These features can help Chrome perform easy task at better speed.

The Great Suspender 

The habit of opening a handful of tabs at the same time can not dropped because there is no way you can rely on one or two tabs to work. But launching so many tabs at the same time can take up memory thus slowing your Chrome. This is the juncture the Great Suspender is required. It can help you in temporarily suspending any tab you have not used for a specific period. You can also manually suspend any tab you are not using. It is highly recommended.

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Session Manager

The advantage with using Session Manager is that you can tweak the settings to correspond with your browsing requirements. It allows you manage your browsing sessions by saving all current windows and tabs so as to allow you use them some other time. Hence, you do not need to start searching the web again for these pages. Session Manager can give you swift access to your different webpage by just one click!

Data saver

This is a new data saver extension that was released recently alongside Chrome 48, the latest in the series of Chrome updates. Aside from the function of helping you check the data usage of your website, it can make your page load faster and lighter.

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