5 Things To Know In Ethiopia

Ethiopia imbeds cross-cultural civilizations from North Africa, equatorial Africa and Western Asia. Gifted with unique historical wonders and pleasant hospitality, Ethiopia offers adventurous exploration opportunities. Ethiopia’s landscape and weather conditions makes it impressive. It has twelve months of sunshine where you can have a yearlong getaway.

As a place of incredible diversity and ancient civilization, Ethiopia creates a chance to interact with the local community and witness the lifestyle of the people unique from the rest of the world.

2. Cuisine

Ethiopia’s long history and its diverse ethnic groups resulted in a culinary variety of blended indigenous ingredients that create a wide range of exclusive  healthy cuisines. The dishes consist of vegetables and meat served in a form of thick stew. It has its own unique breakfast, lunch and dinner specialties.

3. Lalibela

Ethiopian history dates back to ancient times. Lalibela is the eighth global wonder, with eleven monolithic churches of remarkable rock-hewn construction. It was built in early 13th century during the regime of King Lalibela. Gondar with several castles, and the walled and ancient city of Harar are admirable wonders.

Rock church of Lalibela

4. Addis Ababa National Museum

The Addis Ababa National Museum shows rare historical reserves. ‘Lucy’, the 3.5 million year old hominid skeleton, is the most famous exhibit in this museum.

Dinknesh’s fossil is one of the oldest in human history

5. Yeha

Yeha, one of Ethiopia’s ancient civilization that dates back to the 5th century BC. It is a spectacular archeological complex and a magnificent temple located about 54km north east of Aksum. Following Yeha, the Aksumite kingdom was one of the greatest African civilizations after Egypt and Meroe.

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