Amazing Moment a Deaf Woman Hears Her Boyfriend’s Voice for the First Time. This Will Make You WEEP!

It is so amazing to see a video where someone gets to hear for the first time. This woman had such a special experience.

Andrea Diaz got her cochlear implant activated, and right away her reaction is amazing. The doctor starts talking to her and says ‘You can hear yourself?’ She starts to cry and nods her head.

She can’t believe what is happening, and is overwhelmed by hearing for the first time. Her boyfriend hands her a tissue. The doctor asks her if the volume of her implant is alright, and adjusts it.

The woman’s mom is heard in the background, and she tells her daughter that she loves her, and she comes over to comfort her emotional daughter.

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Her boyfriend, Kevin says ‘can you hear me?’ Andrea laughs and replies ‘ya it sounds funny.’ He tells her that he wanted the first time she heard from him to be something special.

He gets down on one knee, and Andrea looks surprised and happy. He says ‘well baby, I wanted to make one of the first things you hear because I love you so much and you’re my best friend.’

Then he asks her to marry him, and presents her with a ring. She says yes and they embrace. The doctor smiles and looks to be excited for them. Andrea says ‘there’s so much going on!’

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