President Obama And His Wife Does The Tango In Argentina

President Obama had the opportunity to show off his dance moves in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night, when an entertainer at the Argentine state dinner invited the U.S. president to dance the tango with her.

At first, Mr. Obama demurred, but at the dancer’s urging, he took her hand and joined her. Then, the dancer’s male partner escorted First Lady Michelle Obama onto the dance floor.


This isn’t the president’s first time getting down at a state dinner — last year, hedanced at a state dinner in Kenya.

Before the Obamas took to the dance floor Wednesday night, they watched the professional dancers give an up-tempo Tango performance. Argentine President Mauricio Macri appeared to be explaining aspects of the dance to Mr. Obama, according to the pool report. Mrs. Obama looked very taken with the whole performance.

Mr. Obama’s visit to Argentina this week marks the first time a U.S. president has visited the Latin American nation in two decades. At the start of the dinner, Mr. Obama thanked Macri for his warm welcome and said that the U.S. and Argentina have a lot in common. The president joked that he always wanted to visit a country that eats more red meat than the United States. He also said the world is noticing that Argentina is re-engaging with the world.

Source – cbsnews


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