16 Funny Mistakes That Were Followed By Instant Regret

Every now and then, we all fall victim to those “D’oh” moments that are followed by instant regret. While ideas can be grand, not all pan out the way we imagined them to.

However, the beauty of making a mistake is that we learn from each one, right? Making a slip up yourself is never fun, but there’s certainly something entertaining about seeing the aftermath of other people’s.

Here are 16 people who definitely regretted making these hilarious mistakes.

1. Being a limousine driver in San Francisco can’t be an easy gig. Despite the sign’s warning, this chauffeur attempted to descend one of the city’s famous steep rolling hills and ended up turning his vehicle into an unintentional seesaw.

regretReddit /u/ bkmgtpe

2. This guy probably thought he was making the right decision by walking home, but the weather had other plans. While he may be full of regret walking in a now soggy sandwich costume, at least his job of promoting Subway was probably more effective than usual.

2Reddit /u/ KermitJagger

3. No one likes having to work overtime, but usually, you get a little recognition from your colleagues for doing so. This girl, however, stayed late and ended up being completely forgotten.

Twitter / @__molinary

4. Unless you’re superbly coordinated, you’ve probably dropped a carton of eggs at some point in your life. The aftermath is far from fun, which makes this guy’s disastrous work day not only worthy of instant regret but also instant resignation.

Imgur / PenguinFarts

5. Curiosity can be a dangerous thing. Hopefully, this guy at least got a squeaky clean unicycle after riding the wrath of these whirling wash brushes.

Imgur / Bleckstein

6. Most of us brush our teeth while still in a post-slumber haze, which makes it crucial to keep similar looking tubes in separate places. It’s safe to say that this person’s mistake did not result in a minty fresh breath.

6Reddit /u/ white_picket_fencer

7. Instead of baking the traditional way, this girl optimistically decided to get creative. Unfortunately, her baked good ended up looking more like Slimer from Ghostbustersthan anything seasonal whatsoever.

Reddit /u/ Jakexzz

8. Jumping in puddles may bring a sort of childlike nostalgia for some, but this guy’s plunge will most likely have him stepping over puddles rather than in them in the future.


9. Teaching your mom how to incorporate emojis into her conversations seems like a harmless act, but this person probably regrets sharing that knowledge. At least this is one person who will get a kick out of The Emoji Movie.

Reddit /u/ pistonsdude1


10. If you thought that getting any sort of tattoo in honor of a significant other screamed regret, then this guy’s back must be perpetually wailing.



11. There’s always that one person in the group who needed a little convincing to go on the ride by being told it’s not that bad. However, it ended up being that bad. Not only does she probably regret buckling in, but she probably also regrets making a face that probably sold much more on-ride photos than normal.

11Imgur / bigpaynis

12. Sometimes laziness trumps common sense. Sitting up probably felt like a mission to this girl’s lounging, but now she’s going to have to do a lot more than just lift her head.

Reddit /u/ stealingyourpixels

13. When you’re feeling the music, things like spontaneously jumping onto two chairs at once might seem like a good idea. This guy quickly realized he made a big mistake and one that turned his singing into screaming.

YouTube / bearainbow27

14. This guy tried to be a hero but forgot that he lacks any superhero powers. Somehow his good intentions resulted in not only more of a mess, but also unanticipated forearm burns.


15. Sometimes rubber gloves are no match for the strength of clothing dye. This girl will probably have to deal with the severe frostbite look for quite some time.

Imgur / adoradandy

16. Tying your keys to your shoelaces might seem like an innovative way to make sure they don’t get lost. However, this girl discovered she made a mistake when she couldn’t get her laces untied after.

Twitter / @DanishCracker

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