18 Hilarious Photos of President Barack Obama That Are Way Too Relatable!

When Your Ex Shows Up at a Birthday Party but He Doesn’t Realize It’s Your BFF’s Birthday Party

When You Were Gracious Enough to Let Someone Have the Last Slice of Pizza but You Watch Them Eat It With Overwhelming Regret

When the Line Outside Is Way Too Long but Your Friend Is the Bartender So You Do What You Have to Do

When You Just Know Someone’s About to Ask You to Do Something So You Look For the Easiest Place to Hide

When You’re on the Phone With Bae and Arguing About Who Should Hang Up First

When Someone Asks You, “How’s Life?”

When You’re in a Meeting and a Co-Worker Pitches Your Idea Like It Was Their Idea

When Someone Leaned Up Against Your Couch and Shifted It and You Have to Move It Back Right Then or It’ll Bother You All Night

When You’re Working Late and Start Getting Way Too Comfortable at the Office

When It’s Shark Week

When That One Friend Falls Asleep in the Middle of the Party and You Have to Snap Him For the ‘Gram

When Your Roommates Talk You Into a Dumb DIY and You’re Already Thinking About How Much You’ll Sell It For on Craigslist

When the Barista Misspells Your Name So You Grab the Sharpie and Fix It in Front of Them

When You and Your BFF Got Way Too Drunk the Night Before but Surprise Each Other by Showing Up at Brunch Without Hangovers

When Your Niece’s Troop Leader Gets Sick and They Need an Emergency Chaperone For the Annual Sleepover

When Your Food Is Taking Forever and Someone Jokingly Says, “You Want It Faster? Make It Yourself, Then”

When the Bartender Says, “Happy Hour Doesn’t Start Until 5,” but It’s 4:59 So You Stare Daggers at Him Until the Golden Hour

When You’re in an Important Meeting but Your Work BFF Has Really Hot Gossip That Can’t Wait a Minute Longer

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