5 Crazy Things That Can Be Spotted On America’s Roads

Check out our list of 10 of the craziest things spotted on America’s roads and let us know if you’ve ever spotted anything close to them.

Is That Alien in the Carpool Lane?

Sometimes aliens need to travel by ways other than their UFOs. Usually this is to keep a low profile but this one got spotted.

Someone Didn’t Think the Heist Out All That Well

They appear to have escaped with the safe. We wonder how long they can hope to stay on the run.

He’s Very Secure In His Manhood

That guy is taking to the road in style. We’re not entirely sure what style you would call it, but it’s definitely a style.

They Couldn’t Get a Truck

We wonder just how long this idea lasted before one or both of the cycles tipped over.

New Kind of Mobile Home

We have a feeling this isn’t what people meant when they talked about mobile homes.



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