Here Are 5 Features You Can Expect In Apple’s iOS 10.3 Update

Software Features for AirPods 

Apps and official updates for Apple‘s AirPods will come from Apple and will not be available through third-party developers for now. The tiny wireless listening devices will have a feature called Find My AirPods in the iPhone’s Find My iPhone app that let users track their devices on a map using iCloud. If a user loses the AirPods, the app will play a sound that will get louder as the user gets closer to the device. Unfortunately, this feature will only work if they are within 16 to 32 feet of the device.

Improved Siri Functionality

Siri is expected to have new enhancements with the official iOS 10.3 update. With a voice command, users can book Uber and Lyft rides. Siri also will allow you to pay bills using available payment apps on the market.

Apple hopes that the new updates will make Siri as competitive as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Improved 3D Touch

The new iOS 10.3 update will improve the iPhone’s 3D Touch capabilities. Users can now utilize 3D Touch on the phone’s weather icon in the Maps app. The touch feature will allow users to receive hourly forecasts, chances of rain and daily high and low temperatures.

Improved CarPlay Functionality

Apple’s CarPlay also will benefit from the latest update. Users will be able to launch the music app and pick a song or album or artist. Now, the Maps app will show nearby EV (electric vehicle) charging stations.

Apple File System

In this latest iOS 10.3 update, the iPhone’s file system will be upgraded to Apple File System (APFS). Instead of having a fixed amount of space for each file system, now, multiple file systems will share the same space on the device’s memory.

APFS can grow and shrink without users repartitioning their device’s memory. Also, the new system will allow native encryption and let you assign multikey encryption to protect user data.

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