5 Months Old Miracle Baby Survives After Buried In Woods For Over 9 Hours

The Five months old baby only suffered minor injuries despite being found in a soaking wet baby grow in frosty temperatures, authorities said.

A man has been charged with criminal endangerment after telling police the infant was buried under a pile of firewood.

The baby was discovered face-down as temperatures dipped to just 8C.
Police have said it is a ‘miracle’ he is now in a stable condition after the incident in Montana, US. Francis Crowley, 32, from Portland, Oregon, is being held on $50,000 bail on a charge of criminal endangerment.
Missoula County Sheriff police were called to Lolo Hot Springs in the Lolo National Forest at 8:00pm on Saturday to reports a man was threatening people.

After the man was detained by the deputies,then he told the deputies that a baby was buried somewhere in the woods. The sheriff’s office quickly gathered a team of federal, state and local officials who searched the area of the forest for six hours, A deputy heard a baby’s cry at about 2:30am on Sunday.

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