The 5 Most Secretive Places In India You Probably Should See

There is a sure charm India, an otherworldliness encompassing its antiquated culture and immense scenes that tempts voyagers to investigate this lovely nation. As the origin of both Hindu and Buddhism, the otherworldly world mixes with the regular to make probably the most baffling areas on the planet. Here are the 5 most secretive places in India you should see to accept.

1. Living Bridges of Cherrapunji:

Living Bridges of Cherrapunji

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Located in Northeast India, Cherrapunji looks straight out of an ancient fairy kingdom, with the roots of trees being used as bridges across small rivers. While these are man-made, it is no less extraordinary and worth your visit. Roots of the banyan fig trees are intertwined together across rivers, streams, or small canyons. As you cross the living bridges, you’ll feel as if you are crossing into a magical kingdom where only elves, trolls and fairies reside.

2. Magnetic Hill:

Magnetic Hill

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Defy physics and all sense gravity in Ladakh where your car will seem to magically roll uphill. Known as a gravity hill, Magnetic Hill allows you to put your car in neutral, then be pulled up the hill. Science has since explained that the landscape and the road itself provide an optical illusion to drivers, creating a sense that your car is resisting gravity where is it really just rolling downhill. Regardless, it is quite a sight to behold.

3. Bhangarh Fort: The Most Haunted Place in India

Bhangarh Fort

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Are you afraid of the dark? Like so many other places in India, the legends surrounding Bhangarh Fort are those of sorcery and curses. Many people are said to disappear from the haunted grounds of the fort, never to be seen again after attempting to spend a single night. It is believed that the fort was cursed by a wizard of black magic that was in love with a fair princess and created a potion to make her love him in return. However, she was much to cunning for the evil wizard and caused him to be killed by a giant boulder. His final words were a vengeful spell on the lands. You may walk the cursed land, which is about 300 km to Bhangarh Fort from Delhi, but you will wish you had stayed behind after walking the grounds. Due to the rumors of ghosts and disappearances of so many, it is actually forbidden to be at the haunted fort after sunset and before sunrise.

4. Skeletons in Mystery Lake:

 Skeletons in Mystery Lake

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In an uninhabitable section of the Himalayan Mountains, lies a lake that had been home to a mysterious secret, which was only recently discovered. One month out of the year, the feet upon feet of snow and ice had melted and revealed a grisly sight. Skeletons. Hundreds of them. Located near Nepal in the Roopkund area of India, Mystery Lake, as it became known to locals, had been the sight of some untold horror. The skeletal remains still had flesh and hair attached, but were obviously not from recent deaths. In fact, after scientific testing, it was found that the bones dated back all the way to 850 A.D. While you may need to hike a bit to get there, the skeletons of Mystery Lake will chill you to your bone.

5. The Deserted Village of Kuldhara:

The Deserted Village of Kuldhara

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Not only is this small village deserted but tales of paranormal activity surround the strange area. It is said the people of Kuldhara were peaceful, having lived in the area for around 500 years until one night, in the early 1800s, they all packed up and left. All 1,500 of them. Overnight. This mystery has baffled locals, causing lore to rise from the dirt of this abandoned village. Many believe that when the villagers left 200 years ago, they cursed the land and anyone who dared try to settle the area again, leaving it fairly intact. The area is said to be so haunted, that no one has been able to spend the night since it was emptied of its residents centuries ago. Do you dare camp among the ghosts of Kuldhara?

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