5 Things Uncommon About Samsung Flagship

We all know about the intense battle between Apple and Samsung which has been on for a while now but this article isn’t here to start another battle, especially between fanboys.  Last year, both Apple and Samsung dominated the smartphone business, with Samsung’s phones accounting for 22% of the global market and Apple’s taking just 16%, according to IDC .

This year’s Galaxy phones are the company’s best, taking over from it’s predecessor which is the S6. Despite the similarities with the S6, the S7 packs some new outstanding improvements which actually  makes it beat last years iPhone 6s. Like better camera, improved design, water resistance and of course the memory card slot.

I’m an Apple fanboy but for once let’s just take a look at Samsung’s latest contender,”which i’m frankly quite impressed with” and compare with Apple’s flagship.

Here’s a look at five features the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has over the iPhone;

Quick launch to the camera

You can double press the home button to launch the camera. This, Samsung claims, lets users launch the camera in less than a second. Apple doesn’t have the same shortcut, but you can launch the camera quickly from the home screen by tapping on the camera icon in the lower right corner.

Take clearer low-light photos without using flash

The SAmsung Galaxy S7 Takes great images in dim conditions. Samsung has increased the size of the pixels in its camera sensor, which lets it take in more light. That being said, Apple also has its own methods of improving photography in poorly lit situations. The iPhone 6s is capable of using the phone’s screen as a flash when taking photos with the front-facing camera, for instance.

Make payment without NFC

Most mobile payment systems, including Apple Pay, rely on a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect your smartphone to a payment terminal. While NFC support is becoming more common in the retail world, it’s still not everywhere. Samsung Pay, however, can be used with almost any payment terminal. That means it works just about anywhere credit cards are accepted regardless of whether or not the cash register supports NFC.

Charge your phone without plugging it in

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 can be charged wirelessly. Rather than plugging the phone into an outlet, users can rest the device on a charging pad to replenish its battery. Although there are ways that allow wireless charging on the iPhone, but unfortunately, it’s not officially supported by Apple.

Add extra storage space

Galaxy S7 owners can add more storage space to their device by popping in a new microSD card. Both phones support up to 200GB in extra storage space.

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