5 Things You Must Know About Driverless Car

The world of driving will change significantly when driverless cars become fully operational. Soon, you will see a car negotiating a curve with little or no help from the owner. Toyota, Google, BMW, Mercedes and many other leading car manufacturers have all set dates their anonymous cars will be ready. Driverless cars are here and there is no going back as the car industry keeps improving it for better performance. Very soon Volvo will start recruiting people to commute to work in driverless cars. These cars use fixed sensors to communicate and will be self-powered.

In line with this, Innovation Village shares five things you should know about driverless cars.


Fuel Efficient 

Fuel prices have crashed. No thanks largely to driverless cars and shale oil. These cars are fuel efficient and since there will be no steering wheel nor foot pedal, it automatically means that it will need little or no fuel to function. It relies heavily on sensors and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to navigate.

Environment friendly

Climate change is having a massive effect in different parts of the globe today. Flooding, ocean surge, Tsunami and earthquake are more disastrous when compared to decades ago when the impact could easily be controlled. So, driverless cars is a welcomed idea to encourage a green environment. This is because driverless cars use little or no fuel. The carbon iv oxide released into the atmosphere damages the ozone layer thus opening the door for climate change.



The recklessness of a human driver will automatically be immolated as everything about the driverless car is modulated and regulated. There will be nothing like the car being too slow or too fast. The driverless car will move at a moderate speed thus drastically cutting accidents on the road. Many lives have been lost to road accidents.  In fact, a whole city has been built in Michigan called M city for only Driverless cars. It will possible for the cars to communicate without any interference. Perhaps, governments should start planning for the arrival of driverless cars. Just saying.

Saves you the stress of driving

You can only imagine the stress of driving in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos. It can be painstaking, frustrating and demanding. It is either you are swerving to avoid a carefree bus driver or shouting with gusto at a someone who nonchalantly park his car in the middle of the road to buy something. The notorious traffic cannot be ignored. All these driving stress will be withdrawn by driverless. You can relax and even do other things while your driverless car takes you to your destination. It will be a huge relief for many road users.

It will not come cheap

Anonymous cars will soon flood the nooks and crannies of the globe. However, before that, only those who can afford it will dare to purchase one because it will be on the high side. The developers are investing a substantial amount in the technology. However, the price is expected to nosedive as competition will drive the price down thus, making it affordable to all.

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