5 Tips For Hiring a Web Designer For Your Business

5 Tips For Hiring a Web Designer For Your Business

As more businesses transition to the online world, there is going to a much bigger demand for web-related services. One of these services is web design and development. Designers and developers are two different roles, but oftentimes a designer and developer will perform similar tasks for your business.

But how do you make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job? In this article, we will look at the 5 tips that will make sure you’re hiring the right web designer for your business. So with all that said, let’s start.

Understand Your Needs

What business owners struggle with the most when it comes to setting up their website is not understanding what they want. This is particularly the case with businesses that aren’t focused on web-related services. A web hosting service, for example, perfectly understands what functions and features their website needs to have.

A home inspector, on the other hand, might struggle to understand what role their website will perform. For those of you that find the latter more relatable, you will need to hire a web designer that can help you easily understand your needs. Businesses must fully understand what actions their website will perform. And the right web designer will assist you in coming to the conclusion.

Figure Out If They Can Deliver On Your Needs

The web designer hiring process isn’t an easy one. The industry is extremely competitive and more designers are looking for work than ever before. Naturally, this makes the hiring process more difficult. The sheer amount of candidates will leave you interviewing for days. But there is one way to cross off candidates from the list.

Once you’ve figured out what you want and what you don’t want, ask the candidates whether or not they can deliver on your demands. If you want your website to be an eCommerce platform for your business, ask if the candidate can deliver a fully-fledged eCommerce solution. The difficulties with eCommerce websites is that users should be able to buy products, add to wishlist, etc.

Not every designer specializes in building eCommerce platforms, so it’s important to make sure the right candidate can indeed deliver.

Check Out Their Portfolio

A portfolio is a designer’s bread and butter. If a particular candidate doesn’t have a portfolio to show previous work, then they’re either beginners or struggling to find employment. Even so, every web designer should have a personal portfolio where they can sell their trade to clients. It doesn’t have to include past projects, but it has to include something about themselves and show a clear design approach.

Designers with years of experience are easier to hire as you’ll know whether or not their style suits your taste.

Look To Hire A Web Designer With Experience In A Particular Platform

The convenient thing about websites and people that build them is the fact that there is no need to build from scratch. Nowadays, tons of platforms exist that aid businesses in easily managing their websites without needing the help of a designer. What your business will need is to hire a designer to set it all up. These platforms are called CMS platforms or content management systems. Popular CMS platforms include WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, and more.

A designer should be familiar with all of these platforms. However, it’s not uncommon for designers to specialize in a single one. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS platform and you’ll have no trouble finding designers with WordPress experience. You might struggle to find experts to set up other CMS platforms. But the important thing is to specify what CMS platform you want to go with.

Discuss Deadlines And Whether Or Not They Can Meet Them

One of the most important things to discuss with potential candidates is whether or not they can meet your deadlines,. Granted, most business owners have no idea how long the website building process lasts. But the right candidate will be able to deliver in the desired time frame.

Most web designers will give you a rough time frame when the website will be done. This might not align with your needs and that’s something to take into account. But you cannot expect a fully-fledged eCommerce site to be up in a single month. In addition to setting a deadline, you should set a realistic one as otherwise, no one will take the challenge.

It is quite common for designers to require up to six months to develop and design your business website.

Finishing Thoughts

Every business needs a website. With the availability of professionals to build your company website, you should spend a good amount of time and resources into finding the best one for the job. As always, we hope that these 5 tips will give you a good understanding of how to hire the right candidate.

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