5 Years After Wife’s Death, This Man Marries Pet Cobra He Believes To Be His Reincarnated Wife

Sarasalin believes in the Buddhist theory that people are reincarnated into animals after they die.

Warranan Sarasalin lost his girlfriend five years ago, and a new twist came into his life when he discovered a cobra resembling his late lover. This made him believe that the snake is his dead girlfriend reincarnated.

A man in Thailand has married his pet cobra because he believes it to be his dead girlfriend.

He spends most of his time with the 10 foot long snake, watching TV together, sharing romantic picnics by the lake, playing board games and going to the gym.

Sarasalin told Daily Mirror that he looks after the snake very well and “true love is true love”.

He said he never stays away from the snake, and takes it everywhere he goes or even while he’s sleeping.

He is well known in his Kanchanaburi neighbourhood because of his relationship with the Cobra.

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