60-Year-Old Finally Has Baby After 2 Decades Of Trying, Husband Immediately Dumps Her

For many, children are a blessing and a genuine want in life. For others, not so much, and sometimes this difference in terms of future desires and planning can lead to nasty breakups or mutual partings. But, when you’ve been married for over two decades and have been trying to conceive all that time, one would think that a child would be welcomed.

Baby3CEN via The Daily Mail

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Atifa Ljajic, a 60-year-old woman from Serbia. Her husband, 68-year-old Serif Nokic, made the decision to leave his wife and newborn daughter, Alina, on the day Alina was born. Upon hearing her cry in the maternity ward, Nokic decided he was “too old” to put up with the baby’s crying.

When asked about abandoning his wife, Nokic said, “She got what she wanted, now she is happy.” He goes on to explain his reasoning for leaving his wife and child behind, “Above all, I am a sick man, I am 68, I am diabetic and I have a weak heart. It’s not easy not to sleep all night and to hear a baby’s cry.”

Despite Nokic’s complaints about his own health, his wife went through a high-risk pregnancy and was hospitalized for three months leading up to the birth. She also suffers from high blood pressure, but she says she is more than ready to raise her daughter alone. Little Alina, who was said to be conceived via an anonymous sperm donor, will not receive Nokic’s last name as he refused to have her registered as his.

When her 60th birthday drew near, Ljajic claimed she had almost given up hope on ever having children, but she was given the news of her pregnancy not long after a round of successful fertility treatments.


“I knew it would be a big risk at my age, but my only wish in my life was that I have a child, and it happened to me,” Ljajic said. “I was not afraid of my life at all, God gave me courage. I have never felt better.”

Though being a cousin of Rasim Ljajiic, the Minister of Trade and Deputy in Serbia, Ljajic claims she has no other relatives who can help her. “Whatever happens, whether Serif stays or leaves, I will fight to raise Alina the best way I can and to put her in the right way. I will live only for her. I know that it will not be easy but I still believe there are good people who will want to help me.”


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