8 Worst Guns Ever Used

From brass-knuckle-knife-revolvers to rocket-propelled ammunition, check out the eight worst guns ever produced.

BI_Graphics Gyrojet

The Gyrojet pistol was one of the most creative ideas in the history of modern firearms.

Gyrojet pistols used rocket propulsion to fire their ammunition. But the guns were terribly inaccurate and were therefore discontinued.

Country: US

Entered service: 1965

Type: Handgun

Range: 165 feet

Capacity: six rounds

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons

BI_Graphics Chauchat

In 1915, at the height of World War I, France’s Chauchat light machine gun exemplified everything a light machine gun should not be.

The weapon was poorly manufactured to the point that it kicked like a mule. The firing mechanism frequently jammed, and, even when the gun did work perfectly, its 20-round capacity was inadequate for combat.

Country: France

Entered service: 1915

Type: Support weapon

Range: 3,280 feet

Capacity: 20 rounds

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons

BI_Graphics Mars pistol

At the beginning of the 20th century, inventors tried to create a self-loading pistol. The Colt M1911 would eventually become the standard, but many mistakes before that, like the Mars pistol, were made.

The Mars was very complicated to operate and ejected used cartridges directly into the shooter’s face.

“About 80 were made, after which the Mars quite rightly faded from the scene,” Dougherty wrote.

Country: UK

Entered service: 1900

Type: Handgun

Range: 131 feet

Capacity: six rounds

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons

BI_Graphics Krummlauf

The Krummlauf looks like a good idea, if only the physics from Elmer Fudd cartoons held true in real life.

This gun was meant to shoot around corners, with a fairly standard assault rifle featuring a barrel curved at 30 to 45 degrees and a mounted periscope sight.

After much time and money spent tinkering with the design, it was deemed too expensive and unsuccessful to produce on a larger scale.

Country: Nazi Germany

Entered service: 1945

Type: Longarm

Range: 6,561 feet

Capacity: 30 rounds

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons

BI_Graphics Lemat revolver

The LeMat grapeshot revolver is another great idea for the battlefield that suffered from poor execution. Designed as a cavalry weapon late in the US Civil War, the LeMat revolver stored nine pistol rounds in a revolver setup, with an additional barrel and single shotgun shell in the middle.

Users would toggle the movable firing pin to select which round they wanted to fire. While it was a great idea in theory, in practice the guns proved to be poorly made.

Country: US

Entered service: 1856

Type: Handgun

Range: 164 feet

Capacity: nine rounds

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons

BI_Graphics Apache pistol

Perhaps no other gun on this list overpromises and underperforms like the Apache revolver. This weapon appears to combine the effective ingredients of a knife, brass knuckles, and a small-caliber revolver into a neat, foldout package.

In practice, none of the three components of the weapon deliver.

The brass-knuckle component works well enough, but the knife is thin and flimsy on its hinge. The revolver, with virtually no barrel to speak of, is terribly underpowered and inaccurate.

Additionally, because of the unguarded trigger, the user is likely to accidentally fire the weapon often.

Country: US

Entered service: 1880

Type: Personal defense

Range: Close combat

Source: “The World’s Worst Weapons


Source – businessinsider

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