90% Of South Koreans Use Internet

90% of South Koreans use Internet

Nine out of 10 South Koreans used the Internet last year, a survey showed Wednesday, with the average time of Internet usage growing.

According to the poll of 62,540 people, belonging to 25,000 households, by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2017, 90.3 percent of South Koreans used the Internet, up 2 percentage points from the previous year. Anybody who accessed the Internet in the last month was classified as a user in the poll, Yonhap News wrote.

In terms of households, South Korea’s Internet usage rate came in at 99.5 percent, the highest among the 175 member states of the International Telecommunication Union.

The respondents said they usually log on to the Internet for shopping, social media services and online banking.

South Koreans used the Internet for an average of 15.7 hours a week, with 97.9 percent getting on the net more than once per week.

The average weekly use of the Internet has grown steadily from 13.6 hours in 2015 to 14.3 hours in 2016, according to the survey.

The poll found 95.1 percent of the users older than six used instant messaging services, and 68.2 percent of them used SNS.

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