$90m Netflix Film Is Slammed As ‘Worst Movie Of The Year’


There’s been plenty of excitement around Will Smith’s latest film Bright.

With a $90m budget behind it, the feature-length seemed to have the promise of a Hollywood blockbuster.

However, according to critics, Smith’s latest work is a flop.

With hits like Jim & Andy and 13 Reasons Why, the expectation for Netflix success stories is high.

But with every production company, big-budget flops are bound to happen.

Unfortunately, Bright was really the streaming service’s first victim.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Indiewire critic David Ehrlich said, “Bright isn’t only the worst film of 2017, it could be responsible for many of the worst films of 2018 and beyond.”

Other reviews weren’t much kinder, but that hasn’t seemed to affect Netflix too much: they’ve already decided that the Los Angeles-set dystopian fantasy needs a sequel.

Is it possible that a Bright series could become notoriously panned like the Sharknado films? Possibly.

Bright is set to premiere on Netflix Friday December 22.

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