A British Woman has been Knifed to Death in New York by a Woman Who Claimed she Wanted to “Rid the House of Evil”

A 66-Year-old British woman Faye Doomchin has been charged with second degree murder in connection with the incident in the Great Neck area of Long Island ( Nassau County Police Department/PA wire ) On monday, Faye Doomchin used a kitchen knife to stab the 60-year-old woman visiting the US on holiday in the chest. A British woman has been knifed to death in New York by a woman who claimed she wanted to “rid the house of evil”, police have claimed. The detective told journalists the pair had only met that day and had been out with a mutual friend before the incident happened, He added that police were still investigating the motive, The victim, who was pronounced dead at hospital, has not been named.
He said Faye Doomchin made statements that she did not like the woman from England, “She claimed she needed to ‘rid the house of evil’, she then appeared from the kitchen with a kitchen knife, walked right over to her and stabbed her in the chest.”

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