This Adorable Couple’s Twinning Style Is Winning Hearts Everywhere

One Japanese couple is giving a whole new meaning to the word “twinning.”

The adorable, gray-haired duo, known as Bonpon511 on Instagram, is seriously redefining the modern era’s idea of relationship goals.

They’ve been documenting their matching outfits for the past three months, and the social media world is loving it.

Their account has more than 175,000 followers, with their photos regularly getting thousands of likes.

From coordinated gingham ensembles for a trip to Ikea to complementary outfits with a pop of red, these two of have got dressing alike down to a science.

While the idea of coordinating outfits may sound corny at first, these two are anything but that. In fact, they’ve got some seriously sophisticated style.

Each of their captions is in Japanese, but a little help from Google translate reveals they share details of where their outfits come from — just like true fashion bloggers.

They’re also not afraid to mix, match and rewear pieces in new ways — all in the name of twinning.

The 60-something couple’s devoted fan base is effusively positive.

“This couple is adorable and I think we should aspire to be them,” wrote one follower.

Another added, “Couple goals.”

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