Most Adorable English Dogs

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Adorable English Dogs
Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This breed of canine is a mixed of the red and the white King Charles types spaniels used for hunting. The earlier ancestors of this breed can keep up withrunning horses and has been a favorite companion for hunting trips but the Duke of Marlborough. There were attempts to breed the original King Spaniel breed. However, what was developed was the present day Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a spaniel that is classified as a Toy Dog. It ranks as the 18th most popular pure-breed in the US and one of the most popular breed in the United Kingdom. It comes in four standard colors, chestnut and white, black/white/tan, black/tan and ruby.

5. Bull Mastiff

Adorable English Dogs Bull Mastiff
Adorable English Dogs – Bullmastiff.

This massive and powerfully built dog is surprisingly good-natured and a good temperament. It is very docile and affectionate despite its muzzled and wrinkled look with that iconic undershot bite. However, if provoked, it can be very fearless.Bull Mastiff will unlikely attack but will catch an intruder, knock it down and hold him. These dogs crave human leadership and consider their master as an alpha. However it needs to have a firm and confident master with consistent rules to be able to obediently train this dog breed.

4. Fox Hound

Adorable English Dogs
English Foxhound Dog Breed.

A small-sized dog with minimum energy, the fox hound is one of the most affectionate, sociable and gentle dog breeds. They usually come in full size but surprisingly not heavy and have pronounced brows that are neither high nor sharp. Maintaining this type of dog is minimal due to its short, dense, hard and glossy coat. Very active canines, fox hounds require lots of exercise and running room to keep them healthy and happy. They are also generally healthy breeds living you limited worries about its health and welfare.

3. French Bulldog

French Bulldog Adorable English Dogs
French Bulldog Puppy Red.

In history, French bulldogs were well known as the “clown in the robe of a philosopher”. They are good looking dogs, fun pets, lively, energetic and very lovable. They do not bark a lot and do not sleep long during the day. These kinds of canines enjoy being the center of the attention that is why they enjoy doing fun activities together with the family as long as possible. This is the perfect pet dog a growing family would love to have in their household. However, they should be bred in climate-controlled conditions to stay healthy.

2. Cocker Spaniel

Adorable English Dogs Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed
Cocker Spaniel Adorable English Dogs Breed.

English cockers are the perfect hunting dog companion. They would feel incomplete if they are unable to bring home game after a full day of hunting. It has a tendency to wag its tail as sign of enjoyment during hunting. They are slightly taller and long compared to other dogs but short coupled. Taking care of the breed requires more exercise compared to other dogs. They are demonstrative, devoted, loyal and sensitive and very sociable.

1. Russell Terrier

Adorable English Dogs
Jack Russell Terrier in Park (image;

One type of breed under the canine family that can top the high energy level that Fox terrier has. Jack Russell can also top the working ability as Border terriers have. It is strong willed, determined, very bold and tenacious and intense. It belongs to the athletic canine breed that enjoys the outdoors and activities. They can be very vigorous during play sessions and can be obsessive at times especially in ball chasing. It should be mentally stimulated at all times to avoid boredom.

These are the breed of Adorable English Dogs, considered to be a top favorite among breeders and pet owners.



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