Afghan Military Helicopter Crashes, Kills Five

Five people have been killed in Afghan military helicopter crash in the western Afghan province of Farah. A Khaki Safad district chief Mohammad Noorzai told RFE’s Radio Free Afghanistan that the incident late on September 14 was the result of a technical malfunction. However, the Taliban claimed it shot the helicopter down. The Taliban are in control of most areas in Farah Province, especially Khaki Safad district.

In the northern Parwan Province, a roadside bomb detonated September 15 near a military vehicle, killing four intelligence service members and a civilian, according to Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the provincial governor.

Shahkar said one military people and a civilian were wounded in the blast on the outskirts of Charakar, the provincial capital.

“There was a report of a bomb in a village and when the military personnel rushed to defuse it another roadside bomb detonated near their vehicle causing casualties,” she said.

News of the helicopter crash and the roadside bombing come a day after at least 38 Afghan security people and civilians were killed in overnight attacks across four Afghan provinces, amid a spike in Taliban strikes on military checkpoints.

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