Africa: Integrated ID Project for July Rollout

The Integrated Smart Identification Cards (e-ID) will be rolled out in July, according to Pascal Nyamulinda, the director-general of the National Identification Agency (NIDA).

Nyamulinda said this, yesterday, at the ID4Africa conference in Kigali while giving a presentation about Rwanda’s vision and roadmap for integrating civil registration with identity documents.

The three-day meeting is the Second Annual Government Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement and it has brought together over 600 delegates from African countries and beyond.

According to Nyamulinda, the ID will be a java card with an inbuilt 64 kilobyte chip able to contain health insurance and driving licence, among other needful documents, making users able to access various services by the use of a single card.

This is part of the Government efforts to integrate different public and private institutions with the national ID system.

While opening the meeting, Francis Kaboneka, the minister for local government, said the identification systems of African countries will keep improving to cover various aspects.

“With the commitment of the governments, development agencies, IT solution providers and domain experts, Africa will run from the old civil and identification systems to implement modern IT schemes and invented applications such as the use of identity in social protection, healthcare, mobile payments,” said Kaboneka.

Rwanda has made significant strides in its identity ecosystem.

Among these, a national population register covering over 95 per cent of the population is in place, 2.3 to 2.5 million households (the entire population) are registered in the unified social stratification register (Ubudehe), online identity verification services are already in place, and the cost of the mandatory NID are the lowest in Africa (under 1 dollar).

Source: allafrica

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