After Tragic Accident in Italy French Cities Offer Help after Genoa Bridge Collapse, 3 French Die

After Tragic Accident in Italy in a tweet in French and Italian, President Emmanuel Macron “Our thoughts go to the victims, their relatives and all the Italian people. France stands by Italy in that tragedy and is ready to provide all necessary support.” President Emmanuel Macron offered his condolences and offered “all necessary support”. Three French nationals died in Tuesday’s Genoa bridge collapse, the foreign ministry announced on Wednesday. Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli called on the bosses of Autostrade per l’Italia, the company responsible for the bridge and much of the country’s motorway network, to resign. As rescuers searched for survivors and bodies on Wednesday morning, the recorded death toll rose to 38, with reports of about 16 people injured, 12 of them seriously. The city council was in contact with the Italian consulate to find out what was needed and Nice’s hospitals were ready to take people injured in the bridge collapse, he said in a statement.The council in nearby Cannes also offered help, flying flags, including the Italian tricolore, at half-mast at city hall and the historic Château de la Castre. French cities have offered help and condolences and the Italian government has threatened to scrap its contract with the company responsible for the bridge. Marseille, which is twinned with Genoa, was “filled with sorrow” by the news, according to its mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin. “In the name of all Marseillaises and Marseillais, I offer my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and wish the injured a prompt recovery.”

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