AMAZING!! This Kid Finally Gets A New Heart After Waiting For 14 Years Of Serious Heart Disease!

Albert Jeffries IV (ALJ) was born with a heart disease called Dillated Cardiomyopathy.


Albert Jeffries IV (ALJ) in a very serious condition and currently under intensive care receiving treatment


ALJ is 13 years old and has been in and out of hospitals his entire life.  ALJ got the news that a heart was available for transplant.

Alj and a man

ALJ finally made it out of surgery… ALJ’s  mother said he is currently accepting the new heart. His mother while chatting with her son lying on the hospital bed said: how do you feel baby?

Her son replied: I feel like a new person… What a touching REPLY!

Alj treatment

Albert Jeffries IV (ALJ) finally responding to treatment.. Looking much stronger than before

ALJ is currently struggling with his kidney function but continues to fight to be fully healthy.

ALJ’s mother said they are so grateful to the donors who graciously gave them that gift. She said its a gift of life and that they appreciate it so much.

Alj and mother

Albert Jeffries IV (ALJ) with his mum looking happy

Alj and doctor

Albert Jeffries IV (ALJ) chilling with a doctor at the hospital


Watch the reaction of ALJ’s mother after he successfully made it out of surgery. Video below:

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