America’s Got Talent stunt goes horribly wrong when blind husband drops wife

America’s Got Talent always pushes the boundaries and last night was no different as audience saw a trapeze act go sickeningly wrong. Mary and Tyce, who are a husband and wife duo, kept the judges including Simon Cowell and Mel B at the edge of their seats with their daring routine before it took a terrible turn when legally blind Tyce dropped his wife, Mary, on the stage floor after also blindfolding himself.
Suspended from the ceiling of the stage, Tyce steeled himself to catch his wife, who then dropped her on the stage floor – which was also on fire at the time. Sitting in the audience was Mary’s mother and their two-year-old son Jaxx and the shocked grandmother could be seen grabbing the little boy and covering her face.
Mary took a moment to recover after the heavy fall on to a safety mate below. America’s Got Talent stunt goes terrifyingly wrong. The moment he couldn’t hold on before Mary hit the stage floor. While the daring couple wanted to prove they could do it, the judges insisted that it was unnecessary. ‘No, it’s fine! It’s fine!’ yelled Mel B, who was audibly uncomfortable through the beginning of the act, as she screeched: ‘Are you kidding me?’ While actor Ken Jeong, who had joined the panel as a guest, also added: ‘This is not America’s Got Perfection, it’s America’s Got Talent, nobody can do this.
Simon consoled the couple and said that people do make mistakes, even though this one was particularly tricky as Mary ‘almost broke her neck’.

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