Anderson Cooper Suggests Trump Visit NASA Kids’ Site To Learn About Climate vs. Weather

CNN host Anderson Cooper tore into President Donald Trump on Monday night for his unconcerned response to his administration’s dire report on climate change and suggested the president visit NASA’s website for children to learn about the difference between climate and weather.

Cooper first went after Trump for saying he read the 1,600-page report and concluded it’s “fine” while also saying he doesn’t believe the report’s conclusions on the potential economic costs of climate change.

Next, he hit Trump’s statements in the recent past (2014 and late 2015) calling climate change “nonsense” and a “hoax.” And then he slammed Trump for “denying that he denies it,” cutting to a clip of Trump saying on “60 Minutes” that the climate could “go back.”

“I’m not sure he has a robust understanding of the issues or even the most basic grasp of the issues,” Cooper said. He then showed Trump’s tweets casting doubt on climate change because of cold weather, including one from last week where the president said, “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to global warming?”

Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 22, 2018
“The president of the United States seems to be honestly believing that global warming means it never gets colds anywhere. NASA has a good explanation of the difference between weather and climate on its website – its website for children,” Cooper said.

“So, we’re just suggesting, Mr. President, if you don’t want to believe science, or the 1,600-page report your team tried to slip [ast the American public on Friday, maybe just start with It’s a pretty easy read. It’s fun. There are pictures. But we’re not going to hold our breath because, unlike the climate, some things never actually change,” he said.

Here is NASA’s video explaining that “weather is only temporary” while “climate describes the typical weather conditions in an entire region for a very long time – 30 years or more”:

As he ended his show and handed off to CNN host Chris Cuomo, Cuomo reminded Cooper that he had forgotten about Trump’s “Uncle John,” referring to Trump’s relative who taught at MIT. The president invoked his uncle in an interview last month as evidence that he has “a natural instinct for science.”

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