Angelina Jolie Is Okay After The Split With Brad Pitt – Says Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton says his ex Angelina Jolie is coping OK after her marriage split from Brad Pitt.

Jolie and Pitt supposedly split after an affirmed quarrel between the actor and his adopted son Maddox, 15, on load up a private plane in September (16). Jolie instantly petitioned for separation, refering to hostile contrasts and requesting sole authority of their six youngsters.

The couple has since achieved an authority understanding, and the tyke manhandle examination propelled against Pitt has been dropped.

Thornton, who was married to the philanthropic actress for two years before they split in 2002, gave an update on how she’s been doing since the split.

“She’s seems, you know, OK to me when I talk to (her),” the 61-year-old told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t talk to her that often though. You know? We’re still very good friends, but she’s got her world. I’ve got mine.”

Thornton and Jolie, 41, tied the knot in Las Vegas on 5 May, 2000, after starring together in Pushing Tin. They separated in June 2002 and divorced the following year.

“Once in a blue moon we come together,” he shared. “Every now and then we talk, you know? Whatever. But when people are going through their trials and tribulations I try to leave them alone unless they want to talk to me.”

“In other words, I figure it’s none of my business. Unless someone makes it my business it’s none of my business.”

And when asked if he’ll always be there for his ex-wife if she needs him, his answer was touchingly sweet. “Of course,” Thornton replied.

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