Another R. Kelly Employee Opens Up About Encounter With “Controlling” Singer

A fourth former associate of RKelly has accused the singer of brainwashing a group of women into sexual servitude

On Monday, 17 July editors at BuzzFeed News published a report quoting two sets of parents and three former members of his circle accusing Kelly, 50, of manipulating six women living in properties in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois, into an alleged sex “cult”.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, who believe their 21-year-old daughter Joycelyn is involved with the singer, held a press conference calling on him to return their daughter to them. Kelly denies all the allegations.

Another woman who claims to have been involved with the R&B star has now come forward to allege he is controlling the lives of several women.

“All these girls just dote on him,” she told “It’s so f**ked up. They’re completely manipulated and brainwashed.”

The woman, who Jezebel editors named only as Kim to protect her identity, told the outlet she had visited Kelly on 10 separate occasions over the past year, either in hotels in Chicago, Illinois, or on tour

Kim accused Kelly of being “very controlling”, saying he prevented women he was involved with from talking to each other and insisted they call him “Daddy”.

She also alleged the musician often made spontaneous sexual demands of women he was involved with and filmed their sexual encounters with him and each other.

The former Kelly insider described one incident in which she alleged he punished a 19-year-old women, he asked to be intimate with her, by making her run laps of a room naked when she didn’t show enough enthusiasm.

Kim said the women, who are above the age of consent, were free to leave but were said that their relationships with the singer resemble, “Stockholm Syndrome” – the feelings of affection that occur between a hostage and captor

She added, “It’s not non-consensual. But I don’t know if they even realise the situation they’re in is wrong.”

The I Believe Can Fly musician has denied all the allegations through his lawyer. Joycelyn Savage has also denied her parents’ claims that she is in an coercive relationship with Kelly.

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