Another Woman Claims Usher Infected Her With Herpes, Sues For $20M

A Jane Doe who is suing Usher for exposing her to herpes has upped her lawsuit from $10 million to $20 million after she discovered that she has tested positive for the disease.

According to TMZ, the woman sued Usher and claimed that they had unprotected sex earlier in the year. Then, on Saturday, she got the results of her STD test back and found out that she had contracted herpes, which is what prompted her to sue the star for more money.

The Jane Doe said that she immediately took steps to get herself tested when she heard that Usher had admitted in legal documents that he had herpes simplex 2.

The $20 million amount, according to the suit, is for emotional harm, medical bills and punitive damages.

This news comes after a report by RadarOnline surfaced and caught national attention bringing to light a previous alleged lawsuit against Usher. The woman in that lawsuit also alleged that Usher had exposed her to the virus, and she was reportedly paid $1.1 million in a settlement. In that lawsuit, she also alleged that she and Usher had engaged in unprotected sex and stated that she did not know about his STD until later.

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