Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker – Key factors for each fighter

Anthony Joshua meets Joseph Parker on March 31 in a highly-anticipated heavyweight unification bout at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Despite Joshua being the big favourite to walk away with all the belts on Saturday night, Steve Bunce has laid out three ways both the Watford boxer — and Parker — can emerge victorious.

1. Use his brain – Joshua
“I think it’s quite simple. He need to use his brain. Anthony Joshua has got a really good boxing brain. That’s the key to victory. Use your brain, don’t fight like an idiot.”

2. Establish the jab – Joshua
“Establish your jab. Establish it early. He’s got a good jab, he tends to overlook it because the guys in the opposite corner mostly just want to jump on the floor so he just rights them with big rights or big lefts.

“I can tell you now Joseph Parker will not fall over at the first sight of a big Anthony Joshua right hand.”

3. Prepare for a long fight – Joshua
“He’s got to think about doing 12 rounds for the first time in his life. I’m convinced Joseph Parker’s chin will stand up to anything Anthony Joshua will throw. That means it’s going to go to the three judges at ringside.

“Parker’s a busy fighter, Joshua needs to be busy. He needs to think about doing 12 rounds for the first time in his life.”

Three ways Parker can beat, Joseph Parker has to take risks to be able to defeat Anthony Joshua in a world heavyweight unification fight on 31st March.

1. Embrace the occassion – Parker
“First and foremost, he must not freeze. Not get trapped like a possum in the spotlights and not fall in awe of Joshua, and the Joshua business. And everyone looking at him like he’s a sacrificial lamb. So if he can enter the ring with confidence, that’s the first thing he has to do.”

2. Be a risk taker – Parker
“He has to take some risks. Taking risks in a world heavyweight title fight is a RISK. But what I mean is Parker will have to just go for it, pushing himself that little bit more.

“He’s going to have to push. He keeps talking very boldly about putting Joshua under pressure — well he’s going to have to.

“The problem with putting a puncher, a banger under pressure is putting yourself in range and being knocked out yourself. But he can do it.”

3. Forget the talk about his ‘invincible’ chin – Parker
“He has to forget everything he’s said and what the people have said around him about how good his chin in.

“He’s never been hit by Anthony Joshua. When men get hit by Anthony Joshua they tend to go straight over. So, Joseph Parker and the people around him need to stop talking about how good his chin is.

“He’s a human being — not a marvel comic book hero — he’s got the normal frailties that human beings have especially when someone of 18 stone hits them on the chin.”

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