Apple Urges Users To Regularly Update Their Systems

Apple urges iOS clients to consistently update the system when another rendition is discharged. These updates regularly furnish the client with assurance on the specialized and security levels, as they normally come with solutions for security gaps or technical problems found in older versions.

Apple said in a report that a few clients tend to keep the more established variants, which adversely influences their telephone understanding.
The latest update of “iOS.11.3” offers six new features that enrich the system to meet the users’ needs.

The new version features privacy updates, which is significant at a time when the world is currently witnessing many problems associated with privacy and security. As Apple believes that privacy is an essential factor in the user’s experience, the new update has come with extra protection. Now, when Apple asks to use your private data, a new privacy icon appears with a link that takes the user to detailed information explaining how this data will be used and protected.

The new “iOS.11.3” update offers the FaceTime service in Saudi Arabia for the first time. FaceTime is currently available on iPhone, and will be available on iPads and iPod Touch in future updates. FaceTime calls will be encrypted and their content will not be stored on Apple’s servers in order to protect these calls.

Support for AR experiences

App developers will be able to introduce different augmented reality (AR) experiences by using vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as walls, tables, chairs and place specific items on them. With the new ARKit tool offered by the new iOS on iPhones and iPads, developers can, for instance, develop apps that can take interior design to a whole new level.

The ARKit technique uses advanced computing to find websites with multi-dimensional images like banners, posters and artwork. It also offers the capacity to merge these real images in AR experiences, like filling a museum with interactive shows, or animating a movie poster.

Additionally, the real world view through the camera has become 50 percent clearer and the camera now supports the automatic lens setting for a more accurate and clear perspective.


The “iOS.11.3” offers four new animojis, allowing users to record and send animoji messages, or even record Karaoke animoji videos by using sound and more than 50 different motions in the face muscles.

Battery life

Apple puts the user’s experience among its top priorities, therefore, the new update has added new features to highlight the device’s battery life, and recommend its maintenance or change when needed.

Apple Music

The new update system allows Apple Music to run music videos without interruption. Users can also watch videos from their favorite singers without any interruption with the new video operating lists.

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