Ariana Grande Has Revealed Why Mac Miller Wasn’t In Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Burn Book

In the epic video, Ariana Grande channeled her inner Regina George (only much less evil) as she filled her Burn Book with happy memories of her exes.

But while the likes of Big Sean and Pete Davidson both made the cut, one is missing from the line up – and that’s Mac Miller, who passed away in September this year.

Ariana split up with Mac in May after almost two years of dating, so the news of her ex’s unexpected death understandably hit her hard. Rather than give him a photo in her Burn Book, she paid tribute to the rapper in another way.

As Elle noted, a fan tweeted last month: “when she flips through the thank u next burn book and pics of her with sean, ricky, pete & mac arrive……………. we had to fucking stan”

To which Araina responded: “M ain’t in the book he next to my bed.”

Ariana closes the burn book right before she sings “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, ‘cause he was an angel.”

Look really, really closely and you’ll see picture frames on her nightstand — although it’s near-on impossible to work out exactly what’s in them.

Following Mac’s death, Ariana has since paid tribute to him on social media several times.

On Thanksgiving, Ariana shared a throwback picture of her with Mac, surrounded by holiday-appropriate emojis and stickers.

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