Asda Becomes First Major Store To Launch Christmas Advert


The 60 second advert, called Asda’s Best Christmas Ever, follows a young girl and her grandfather as they explore Asda’s Christmas workshop.

The mini feature film shows the magical production secrets behind Asda’s new Christmas range and the young girl and her grandfather see how the delicious new treats are made in this Willy Wonka meets Wes Anderson festive extravaganza.

There are tiny elves making savory snacks, a gin laser machine, a ‘smash igloo testing room’ with strong men testing the strength of the chocolate puddings and chefs putting the finishing touches to a Christmas dinner.

Unlike many Christmas adverts the latest release from Asda isn’t much of a tearjerker. But there’s still a possibility of having a Christmas cry this winter as the John Lewis advert is rumoured to be aired this Friday (10 November).

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