13 People Reported Dead After Explosions At Brussels Airport And Metro Station!

Two explosions occurred at Zaventem Airport and another ripped through Maelbeek metro station in Brussels this morning.

Police confirmed that none person died to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. Other media cite reports of up to 11 dead and at least 25 injured at the airport.

The explosions originated near the American Airlines check-in desk, according to Sky News. Smoke was seen rising from the airport. There was also video on Twitter of people fleeing.

Around 9 am local time, an explosion was reported in the Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, in the heart of Belgium’s government district near the European Council and European Parliament building. 

All metro stations in Brussels have now been closed, Sky News reports.

The blasts come four days after police in Brussels captured Salah Abdeslam, the main remaining suspect in the Paris attacks in November.

There was footage on Twitter from inside the airport:

Sky News reporter Alex Rossi was at the airport’s duty-free shop when the explosions happened.

He said: “I could feel the building move. There was also dust and smoke as well. I went towards where the explosion came from and there were people coming out looking very dazed and shocked.”

The Belgian news agency Belga reported that shots were fired and that there were shouts in Arabic shortly before the explosion.

Belgian Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, announced that terror levels are at maximum level following the two explosions and said that their absolute priority were the people still at the airport.

Brussels airport confirmed that there had been two explosions, and said that all flights had been cancelled. No trains to and from the airport are running anymore.

People still inside the airport are continuing to share videos and pictures on social media:

This is a developing story, click here for updates. 

Source: Business Insider

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