Australia Officials To Boycotts FIFA World Cup In Russia

The official designation of the Australian government won’t go to Russia to support the national team on the FIFA World Cup, which commences soon.

The ambassador in Russia will be the only official representative to express the support of the government, Julie Bishop, the Australian foreign minister said as quoted by ESPN.

The official claimed that the diplomatic boycott has nothing to do with the athletes; all questions related to the team’s performance will be re-directed to the local football federation.

In April, 46 MEPs signed the letter, urging EU member countries’ governments to announce a diplomatic boycott of the competition. The UK and Iceland, the non-EU member, joined the boycott.

FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia; the tournament is to kick off on June 14 and finish on July 15.

As 112 International reported, the games of 2018 FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted in Ukraine, with Inter TV channel being the official broadcaster.

After long negotiations, Inter and the National Public TV and Radio Company agreed that the TV channel will purchase the rights for broadcasting of the event (the latter bought these rights yet in 2010, but then refused to broadcast the competition. However, this is the unofficial announcement. The official one will follow when all details of the deal are made public.

Previously, the Ukrainian Parliament tried to ban the broadcasting of the tournament in this country; the bill failed to collect the necessary amount of votes.

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