Awesome! Check Out This Artistic Log, It Will Leave You So Speechless…..

The Chinese craftsmanship has dependably been well known for its enthusiasm to subtle elements. This can particularly be seen in the mastership of woodcarving. Zheng Chunhui is a standout amongst the most skilled individuals in this sphere. Recently, he even got into the Guinness World Records as the author of the most magnifical work.

This huge carved installation is titled “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.” The work was created basing on the famous work of the Chinese artist Zhang Zeduan. This carving is 12 meters long and 3 meters high.



Inside the wood sculpture one can see a real village where live 550 characters, and each has his or her own life. Everything is worked out to the smallest details: balconies, houses,  lots of trees and even river waves…


The work of Zheng Chunhui tells us about the events of the 17th century that happened during the rule of the Song dynasty.


The artist spent 4 years of his life in general to make his plan come true.


The central topic of the wooden sheet is Qingming — the national celebration of honouring the dead. This day people should light candles and place flowers on the tombs of ancestors. It is celebrated the 15th day of the vernal point.


Looking at these items, you start understanding what real art is. I think that even well-known collectors and antiquaries would hardly manage to estimate the work of Zheng Chunhui in money terms. Real art is priceless.

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