Baby Born Four Years After Chinese Parents Death In Road Accident

The guardians of a young Chinese couple who kicked the bucket in a street crash have moved toward becoming grandparents more than four years after the match were slaughtered, South China Morning Post announced.

A surrogate mother from Laos has brought forth an infant kid utilizing the couple’s treated fetuses, Chinese media detailed.

Shen Jie and his wife Liu Xi were killed in a crash in Yixing in Jiangsu province in March 2013 and had been undergoing fertility treatment before they died.

The couple’s parents had to file two lawsuits to get hold of four fertilized embryos produced by the couple at a hospital in Nanjing.

The case was sparked because China does not have a legal precedent for the parents of couples inheriting their children’s embryos.

As surrogacy remains illegal in China, the parents had to seek expert medical help overseas and eventually hired a 27-year-old surrogate mother from Laos to deliver the child.

The pregnant mother successfully gave birth to a baby boy in December last year.

Shen Xinnan, the father of Shen Jie, was quoted as saying that he only plans to tell the boy what happened to his parents when he is older and in the meantime will say they are living overseas.

“For sure we will tell him what happened – what choice do we have?” Shen said.

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