Babysitter Saves Baby After He Choked On A Broken Pacifier

At first, it just seemed like an obvious choice to have 21-year-old Ryan Wagstaff watch her baby boy, but now mom Steph Pullen realizes that he’s the reason her son is still alive today. Shortly after Pullen stepped out of the house, Wagstaff noticed baby Tyler was choking in his crib.

Photo by Steph Pullen

“I was patting him on the back but I was worried I’d hurt him, so I tried to pull it out using my fingers and that didn’t work either, I was really panicking at this stage because he was turning blue,” Wagstaff said after realizing Tyler was choking on his Tommee Tippee pacifier that broke while he was sucking on it.

Photo by Steph Pullen

“Then I tried the Heimlich on him and after the fifth one this small piece of silicone came out, I was just so relieved he was alright,” Wagstaff said.

Minutes later, Pullen arrived back home and called for an ambulance when she heard what happened. Doctors examined the 10-month-old and kept him overnight to be sure he was ok, but thankfully they were allowed to go home the next morning.

Photo by Steph Pullen

Now, Pullen is warning other parents about how dangerous pacifiers can be since her son’s pacifier was only a few weeks old when it broke in his mouth and caused him to choke.

“I wasn’t gone long and Ryan is a friend so I trusted him with Tyler and he ended up saving his life. Tyler only had the dummy for a few weeks and he has used it so much it has literally just worn away in that short space of time,” Pullen said.

“I won’t be buying their product again, it’s just shocking that this could happen and I’m so thankful for Ryan for doing what he did.”

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