Balenciaga’s Crocs Are Here To Stay

Camera’s fluttered, eyes opened wide and giggling did the rounds when Balenciaga launched its Crocs version of platform footwear during the Paris Fashion Week recently. Some liked it while others rejected it outright!

Though the fashion world was quite used to the combination of Crocs with a Fashion designer as ‘Kane x Crocs’ was unveiled in 2016, but the world had never imagined the Crocs with heels. This is where the surprise element came in!

People could not digest a 10-inch high platform Crocs worn by Demna Gvaslia’s models for the first time in the Balenciaga’s runway show. The criticism and memes followed.

The designer presented in collaboration with Crocs the platform version of the otherwise slip-on sandals. Adorned and customised with beautiful pins hooked to the perforated upper side of the platforms, the Balenciaga crocs sandals look wearable and comfortable. As reported, the Balenciaga Crocs are already a hit among the kids and the teenagers. Soon, the adults market will follow suit. The colorful combination, with BB logo pins, is attractive and calls for another look. It’s just the feel that is taking time to sink in.


Probably, coming from Balenciaga, fashionistas are finding it hard to accept the Crocs. However, imagine the kind of hype it has given to Crocs. We strongly believe had the same thing come directly from Crocs people would have embraced it hands down. The elite tag attached to Balenciaga is ruining the instant popularity of the footwear. The credibility and the originality are quite commendable, and by the looks of it, it seems the sandals will be there for quite some time irrespective of the criticism mainly because of its comfort value. Who doesn’t want a comfortable pair of heels! Just wait and watch!

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