Barack Obama Is Coming Back To Take On Donald Trump

Barack Obama is coming back to take on Donald Trump


Barack Obama will return to politics this year to take on Donald Trump.

The former president will campaign to unseat Republicans in the mid-term elections this summer – and could finally speak out against his controversial replacement.

Obama is said to return to politics in 2018, setting the stage for a prominent role in the lead-up to the crucial midterm elections.

And his spokesman Katie Hill told the Chicago Tribune that Mr Obama will ‘continue to be politically active in 2018, with more endorsements and more campaigning.’

Mr Obama spent much of 2017 under the radar, spending time with his family and recovering from his time in office.

Barack Obama is coming back to take on Donald Trump
Mr Obama spent much of 2017 out of the spotlight, but will now return to politics to help the Democrats fight the mid-terms 

He did not make any personal attacks on his replacement.

But Obama did say Trump’s presidency had created ‘an unusual time’ last year, and slated attempts to repeal Obamacare and DACA, as well as the decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement.

His 60 per cent approval rating is set to boost prospective Democrat candidates, whereas many Republicans fear the association with a figure as divisive as Trump could harm their chances.

Mr Trump vowed to mount an ambitious mid term cycle after his party lost Alabama last year.

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