Bear Pictured Chilling On A Sofa At A Garbage Dump

Bears are seriously misunderstood creatures.

They might be big, have sharp claws and able to eat you in a couple of mouthfuls, but that only happens when we provoke them. In reality all they want to do is chill.

This has never been proved more than when Mandy Stantic snapped a picture of a black bear kicking fat chills in a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba.

Credit: Mandy Stantic

Everyone always gets mixed up over the protocol with black and brown bears, as with one you’re meant to stay very still, because if you run it’ll think you’re its prey. It makes no sense really, fuck waiting around to try and figure out what colour it is, just leg it.

That wasn’t the case for this one though, who was seen enjoying a bit of a lunge on a discarded sofa.

“You don’t see that very often. He’s just posing, just like a person,” Stantic told CBC.

“So it just looked like he was ready to have some popcorn and chill.

“You don’t see animals kind of imitating [humans] – sitting with their legs crossed, arms over the chair there.”

Mandy’s daughter looking out at the bears at the dump. Credit: Mandy Stantic

According to Stantic bears commonly hang around the garbage dump. Is the furniture really that comfortable?

Despite moving away from the dump in Lac Brochet to Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba in Canada, she has fond memories of going to look for bears there.

“Whenever somebody would come up with fresh garbage, the bears would all just come running, like a herd of bears to whatever vehicle was there so they could go through it first,” she said.

“Just something different to see. You don’t see it that often.”

Credit: Mandy Stantic

The dump isn’t exactly a tourist trap, given that it’s just a big pile of litter, so it’s not somewhere you’d think to take a camera. However, for those aware of the bears the linger around there, it’s worth taking a few snaps.

“The bears are always very active at the dump. This one must have been in the mood to relax after eating his full and climbed up on the couch to get comfortable,” Stantic told Mashable.

“Not unusual to see bears at the dump, but to see one sitting just casual like a human was pretty unique and I had to take a picture.”

He’s a beer and a Netflix account away from being the most relaxed person ever.

Featured Image Credit: Mandy Stantic​

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