#Beauty Remedies Thursday- Overnight Skin Brightening Mask

You must be tired with the condition of your face. You have tried many products and even homes remedies, but all to no avail. Don’t lose hope yet. Try this overnight recipe. Sure you gonna have a smile on your face by next day..

Tomato contains fruit acid that while coconut is beneficial for a clear skin.

Take a small tomato and add some tablespoon of raw milk. This then get mixed with a tea-spoon of coconut oil.  Blend together to make a thick paste. Apply generously and leave on overnight. Rinse off with cold water in the Morning.

RESULT:  It will shrink off big pores, hydrate your skin and reduce dark spots. It generally adds radiance to the face. Do this as often as three times in a week


Coconut, Oil, Extracted Coconut oil


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