Billionaire Couple Found Hanged Side-By-Side At Home Were ‘Murdered’

Billionaire couple found hanged side-by-side at home were 'murdered'

Private detectives probing the mystery death of a couple found hanged side-by-side at their home believe they were murdered by multiple killers.

Honey Sherman, 70, was found by a real estate agent in a pool of her own blood alongside her Canadian billionaire husband Barry, 75, on December 15.

Their bodies were found in an upright seated position on the floor hanging from a railing next to an indoor pool inside their £5.2 million Toronto home.

Investigators found evidence that the pair had their necks wrapped with leather belts while their wrists showed signs they had been bound together.

But the couple were found with their wrists untied with no sign of rope or cords nearby.

Billionaire couple found hanged side-by-side at home were 'murdered'
Barry founded pharmaceutical giant Apotex 

A coroner ruled the couple had been strangled, CBC news reports, and there was no sign of forced entry.

Honey had cuts on her face and was wearing the same clothes she had been seen in two days before, leading experts to believe the couple were killed on December 13.

Evidence also suggests Honey had been lying face-down on the tile bleeding for some time before being tied to the handrail.

Police said they were working on the theory the couple died in a murder-suicide, although this was rubbished by family and friends.

The couple’s children hired private detectives to investigate the death of the philanthropic couple.

Toronto Police’s homicide unit has not classified the deaths as homicides.

Businessman Barry founded Canadian pharmaceutical giant Apotex and was said to be worth £3.5 billion

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