Bizarre Slimy ‘Sea Monster’ With No Eyes Or Mouth Shocks Beachgoers

The weird-looking creature, which has two big lumps sticking out of one side of i, has baffled people trying to work out what it is

Monsters from the deep can confuse beach goers

A slimy “sea monster” with no eyes or mouth has shocked beachgoers after it washed ashore.

The bizarre creature, which has two big lumps sticking out of one side of its, has baffled people trying to work out what it is.

It was found by a walker on the Leo Carrillo Beach, in Malibu, California, who posted pictures of the weird discovery online.

Reddit user xxviiparadise revealed: “It weighed around seven pounds (3.2kg) and if I had to guess about five inches (13cm) wide.”

Internet users were quick to speculate about what the odd animal could be, with one person suggesting it is a snail.

Another commented: “Looks like whatever lives inside the seashell.”

But after the original poster explained where he made the discover Redditer PacificKestrel said it is most likely a “long-dead sea hare”.

The California sea hare – also known as a sea slug – are very large molluscs that can grow to up to 30ins in length.

The sea creatures live for roughly a year before laying eggs that look like ramen noodles before they die.

But the latest “beach monster” find is nothing compared to things that have previously washed ashore around the world.

In May, a huge, slimy carcass washed up on a remote Indonesian beach and was initially mistaken for a boat because of its size.

Locals speculated the unusual animal had been dead for at least three days before its discovery.

But the mystery was later solved by whale biologist Alexander Werth and George Leonard, the chief scientist at the Ocean Observatory, who said it was a baleen whale.

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