Black Panther Is One Of The Greatest Movies I’ve Ever Seen – Lebron James

James had taken advantage of a Monday night off in the midst of a long homestand to see “Black Panther,” raving over the smash hit.

“It’s one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. At this time and place right now, in this society we’re in right now, I think it was like perfect timing,” James said. “For me as a kid growing up I never thought I’d see a black superhero. I loved ‘Batman,’ I loved ‘Superman,’ I loved ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Iron Man.’ But I never thought I could be them, because they were always white Americans or white.

“I looked up more to athletes and rappers and people in my neighborhood because they’re one of color. To see how powerful ‘Black Panther’ is and how powerful his tribe was and his people around him, it just gave you a sense of, ‘Yes, not only can we be the President of the United States Barack Obama, but we can also be a superhero. That’s so dope for me and so dope for my kids to see that right now in this point in time.”

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