Blade Runner 2049 Screenwriter Says They Never Talked About A Sequel

Ryan Gosling, Blade Runner 2049Any fans hoping for a third Blade Runner movie may be disappointed, as 2049‘s co-writer has admitted that they haven’t discussed a sequel.

Michael Green revealed that they had not envisioned a franchise when making Blade Runner 2049, as opposed to a large slate of current movies such as The Mummy that were made for the purpose of being part of a franchise.

“At no point in the creation of this story or script did anyone talk about spin-offs or how might things continue,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“It was always: what’s our story and make sure you have a story that is worth the title.”

Basically, don’t hold out for a Blade Runner 2079 anytime soon.

While there is potential for more stories through characters in the new movie, it seems that Blade Runner 2049 is very much its own contained world alongside the 1982 original.

However Green did heap praise on Marvel for their success at building a shared universe and the standards that they have set.

“So many studios and property rights holders have seen the success of Marvel, which we all adore and wonder how to replicate it,” he said. “For me, the lesson of Marvel is: you don’t begin by building a universe. You begin by telling a story worth telling.

“And if it is a great story directed well and performed brilliantly and stays with people, it will become the black hole around which a galaxy can form. If you begin by trying to build the universe before creating a film worth watching, well, there be dragons.”

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