How Bow Wow Contemplated Suicide When He Was Chopping All The Beautiful Girls & Drove Expensive Nice Cars

Even those who seem to have it all, are not immune from suicidal thoughts—in fact, they commit suicide a lot.

While many young men would have love to be Bow Wow a few years ago because of what we saw of him on TV, he says, those days were some of his lowest and even contemplated suicide

Bow Wow spoke exclusively to VladTV about the drama he went through with the mother of his child, but he admits to being part of the problem with the games that he’s played. He added that while they’ve had their ups and downs in the past, Bow Wow says that things are great right now because they don’t have a lot of interaction with one another.

During the conversation, Bow Wow also opened up about contemplating suicide around the time his third album was coming out. When asked about why he was feeling that way, the “Lottery Ticket” actor said that he didn’t feel like life was worth living because he’d already done everything three times over.

Bow Wow added that, because he chopped down every nice girl around and drove all the expensive nice cars, he was a wrong place—a dark world.

“I was in a dark space…right around that third album…I was just done….,” he said

He added; “….because I’ve done everything. I’ve been everywhere 3 times 4 times again. I’ve been everywhere. Done everything. There’s not a girl I ain’t smash, it aint a place I ain’t been, a hotel room I ain’t stayed in, there ain’t a car I ain’t drove.”

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