Boy With World’s Largest Head Gets 3.7 Liters Of Fluid Drained From His Skull (Photos)

A boy with the world’s largest head underwent a crucial operation on his skull. Doctors drained 3.7 liters of fluid from the baby’s skull. His head’s size was successfully reduced from enormous 96cm to 70cm

Mrityunjay Das, a seven-month old baby whose family was shunned by locals due to his bizzare condition, has undergone successful surgery.

Baby's skull ballooned to 96cm

Mrityunjay Das suffered from a rare condition known as hydrocephalus

A boy from Ranpur, Nayagarhsince in India, had the largest head in the world because of hydrocephalus — an abnormal accumulation of fluid within the brain.

Baby's skull ballooned to 96cm

Dr Dilip Parida, superintendent of the AIIMS hospital at Bhuwaneshwar, examining his patient

The child’s skull was reduced by from 96cm to 70cm and relieved of nearly four litres of fluid over six weeks of intense and complex treatment.

Baby's skull ballooned to 96cm

He was relieved of nearly four litres of fluid

Following the life-changing operation Mrityunjay parents Kamalesh Das and Kavita, said: “People would call our baby a ghost because of his unusual appearance.

Baby's skull ballooned to 96cm

The family, doctors and nurses helped alleviate the pressure on the boy’s brain

As his head reduces to a normal size, the attitude of our neighbours and villagers will change. They will stop calling him derogatory names like giant head or ghost baby.”

Baby's skull ballooned to 96cm

More surgeries are planned to rehape the child’s brain

About one to two per 1,000 newborns have hydrocephalus. It is typically treated by the surgical placement of a shunt system.

Outcomes are variable; however, many live normal lives. Without treatment death may occur.

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