Brave Officer Offer Water To Thirsty King COBRA Suffering From Drought (photos, video)

For many people, the sight of a king cobra is enough to induce fearful flight or fight scenarios. However, compassion was the first sentiment for these Indian villagers when they realized that a king cobra that had ventured into their village was thirsty.

A startling video of their compassion that has gone viral online shows one of them holding a bottle close to the cobra’s head and pouring water directed at its mouth. The cobra is seen thirst gully gulping the water down its throat as the villager holds it at bay using a snake handler while another holds its tail. The villager also poured the water directly at the cobra’s head and neck to cool it down.

king cobra india

Wildlife officials later took the venomous snake away for care in an animal care facility, but not before it had quenched its thirst. Southern parts of India are undergoing a prolonged spell of drought that wildlife officials say has severely affected wild animals due to the scarcity of water.


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